Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Psalm 119

I have begun a life changing and intense study of Psalm 119. Here is where I started: Print out this guide and start copying! Next, I went here: Get His Word in you email inbox during your study! Sarah is an amazing blogger, I suggest you check out her other posts as well! Finally, my last stop (I haven't started this website yet!) I am keeping a journal where I write down the entire Psalm 119, and other information about my study that I think is important. I also have been notating important thoughts I learn in my ESV journaling Bible. Originally I got the Bible to be an artistic Bible, but I have since changed my Bible's purpose. I am considering buying another journaling Bible to be used for art, but that is not what God is leading me to do right now. PEACE, HOPE, LOVE, FAITH. IN Christ, Christa

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