Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Opportunities Post (3)

Do you want to volunteer online? Don't want to leave your house but want to make a difference? I feel that way all the time. Here are some things you can do to make a difference from home. 1. Smithsonian Digital Volunteers: Transcribe thousands of pages, need very little experience. Also they need REVIEWERS! Reviewing is actually easier than transcribing! Poke around the site before choosing to start a project, some things aren't clear to the untrained eye. 2. This is a great site for users interested in science. Each project is different so read the rules before you begin. 3. Genealogy Volunteering - You have no clue how many opportunities there are for volunteering in history and even more specifically, genealogy. Search google for genealogy volunteering to see the many opportunities available. I have an entire email account set up just for genealogy. You can get lost in the dark webs on this one. Cyndi's list is another good place to start. 4. Wiki projects - Visit wikipedia and see what they need help with. You contain so much knowledge, I'm sure you can edit a wikipedia page. Anyone can do it, all you need is time and energy. 5. Host a foreign exchange student. Not everyone is cut out to be a foreign exchange student host. There is sometimes a language barrier, and it's best when there is an entire family living in your home, when you host. 6. Foster an animal for a local shelter. This would require a bit of work on your part, and also you have to keep up with vet appointments, possibly medications, put some money into vet bills, and food, plus, bringing the animal somewhere to put it up for adoption. This can really help a shelter who doesn't have room for the pet, and you can spend some time loving on this animal. 7. More transcribing here's another good resource:

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