Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More Opportunities

Consider becoming an "event specialist". What is an event specialist? In my personal experience, being an event specialist can cover a wide range of work experience. 1. Working "security" at a convention, concert, or sporting event. (Also being a Page) 2. Setting up indoor product tests, and free samples, and administering them to customers. This is more along the lines of being a brand ambassador, but this is part of becoming an event specialist. This company is great because of the different opportunities they have for people interested in this type of work. They have the 'ACE Program' which allows you to learn about all the facets of the company to get experience in different fields. You can also apply to work at corporate or just as an 'event specialist'. Are you interested in becoming a merchandiser? This is also in the realm of what an event specialist does, but you can focus on this type of work. Surprisingly this field is growing, and there are opportunities all around. Do you know how to read a PLAN-O-GRAM? This is a useful skill in the field of merchandising.. All you need to do to get started is google merchandising jobs, or something, and there will most likely be plenty of job opportunities near you! Consider becoming a manager at Hollister, Abercrombie, or Gillyhicks. There are some minimum requirements like having a 4-year Bachelors degree, but this opportunity is worth it. The casual work environment, and easy to get along with co-workers are specific to this company. Teach English in China- Disney English has a lot to offer for incoming employees. Here is a link to their application page. Other Disney Opportunities: Disney College Program --- Disney Cruise Line Disney Store (in your neighborhood!) Work on an organic farm! What I have discovered is that if you have the minimum skill necessary, you can advance at any job that you want, as long as you are driven and committed. Just do it!

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