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Opportunities Post (4)

Volunteering not enough? You need to make money while online? No matter how much, you have to spend time making money? Well, you're in luck because there are such sites that do these. Most need you to be over 18, and have a bit of experience, so if you don't have any go back to my volunteering post and start there. After you've made some connections use them as a reference when applying for these micro positions. 1. (Click working) - Amazon turk - not my favorite, they don't let you make mistakes and require perfection on your first try. I've already been banned from this site (to my chagrin). a bit of everything here in this link 2. Paid Survey sites: Requires a lot of time, and a lot of wasted time, because you don't qualify for every survey, but there are some good opportunities! Don't give up, that's the last thing you should do! If you find that you aren't making enough money doing this, but you WANT TO WORK FROM HOME? Try these options: Become a paid blogger. This requires a lot of effort and scheduling. What will your blog be about? What type of posts will you normally be making. You have to post every day it seems like (multiple times) to get enough. You have to have extremely active social media accounts with lots of followers. The only way you can be a successful blogger is to have a lot of traffic coming to your blog. A. Complete Advertising for other blog events. - This is mostly posting (what I normally post on this blog) sweepstakes entries. Join a blogs networking group, to add more followers to your social media. B. Host your own sweepstakes or giveaway: What will you give away? Has to be a new item. Most likely paying to join another blogs sweepstakes instead of creating your own giveaway. C. Join a twitter party. Get out there and start creating a name for yourself! Tweet with people in your own circle, make some friends at a twitter party. Don't know what a twitter party is? GO here: D. Post art and crafts and recipes. Sign up for opportunities to test free products in exchange for a review. Some of these companies are honest, and some are not. Some want a positive review and some want an honest review. If you are having entertainment posts on your blog check out this info: E. You can watch free movies depending on what town you live in by starting here: F. Participating in online events like NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo. G. Share your online presence for networking with other bloggers. Simply leave a good comment, and leave the link to your blog! Easy Peasy! If Blogging isn't up your alley but you REALLY WANT to work from home: Try this: Whatever you do, don't get caught up in pyramid sales schemes. Even mary kay and avon suck you dry. I don't care if you have tons of passion for their products, if you are a hard worker, these jobs abuse your friendships and ruin lives. STILL NOT HAPPY? Try mystery shopping. I have done a lot of this so I know how it goes. This is in fact a real thing. People don' know about it because they want to remain anonymous. It's important to be discreet, and also to be cautious of scams. Sadly there are a lot of scams in this industry, but take it from me, I have gotten paid, I got $200 and went past go. It can be hard to actually find the sites. Sometimes asking people for sites is a better option than googling this or looking online (I know...) But this is a legitimate work at home job where you can make your own schedule. This is as flexible of a job as they come. If you are specifically wanting more sites, please contact me and I will be happy to share more with you, but I need to dig through emails for site links so that's why I haven't posted them now.

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Do you want to volunteer online? Don't want to leave your house but want to make a difference? I feel that way all the time. Here are some things you can do to make a difference from home. 1. Smithsonian Digital Volunteers: Transcribe thousands of pages, need very little experience. Also they need REVIEWERS! Reviewing is actually easier than transcribing! Poke around the site before choosing to start a project, some things aren't clear to the untrained eye. 2. This is a great site for users interested in science. Each project is different so read the rules before you begin. 3. Genealogy Volunteering - You have no clue how many opportunities there are for volunteering in history and even more specifically, genealogy. Search google for genealogy volunteering to see the many opportunities available. I have an entire email account set up just for genealogy. You can get lost in the dark webs on this one. Cyndi's list is another good place to start. 4. Wiki projects - Visit wikipedia and see what they need help with. You contain so much knowledge, I'm sure you can edit a wikipedia page. Anyone can do it, all you need is time and energy. 5. Host a foreign exchange student. Not everyone is cut out to be a foreign exchange student host. There is sometimes a language barrier, and it's best when there is an entire family living in your home, when you host. 6. Foster an animal for a local shelter. This would require a bit of work on your part, and also you have to keep up with vet appointments, possibly medications, put some money into vet bills, and food, plus, bringing the animal somewhere to put it up for adoption. This can really help a shelter who doesn't have room for the pet, and you can spend some time loving on this animal. 7. More transcribing here's another good resource:

Psalm 119

I have begun a life changing and intense study of Psalm 119. Here is where I started: Print out this guide and start copying! Next, I went here: Get His Word in you email inbox during your study! Sarah is an amazing blogger, I suggest you check out her other posts as well! Finally, my last stop (I haven't started this website yet!) I am keeping a journal where I write down the entire Psalm 119, and other information about my study that I think is important. I also have been notating important thoughts I learn in my ESV journaling Bible. Originally I got the Bible to be an artistic Bible, but I have since changed my Bible's purpose. I am considering buying another journaling Bible to be used for art, but that is not what God is leading me to do right now. PEACE, HOPE, LOVE, FAITH. IN Christ, Christa

More Opportunities

Consider becoming an "event specialist". What is an event specialist? In my personal experience, being an event specialist can cover a wide range of work experience. 1. Working "security" at a convention, concert, or sporting event. (Also being a Page) 2. Setting up indoor product tests, and free samples, and administering them to customers. This is more along the lines of being a brand ambassador, but this is part of becoming an event specialist. This company is great because of the different opportunities they have for people interested in this type of work. They have the 'ACE Program' which allows you to learn about all the facets of the company to get experience in different fields. You can also apply to work at corporate or just as an 'event specialist'. Are you interested in becoming a merchandiser? This is also in the realm of what an event specialist does, but you can focus on this type of work. Surprisingly this field is growing, and there are opportunities all around. Do you know how to read a PLAN-O-GRAM? This is a useful skill in the field of merchandising.. All you need to do to get started is google merchandising jobs, or something, and there will most likely be plenty of job opportunities near you! Consider becoming a manager at Hollister, Abercrombie, or Gillyhicks. There are some minimum requirements like having a 4-year Bachelors degree, but this opportunity is worth it. The casual work environment, and easy to get along with co-workers are specific to this company. Teach English in China- Disney English has a lot to offer for incoming employees. Here is a link to their application page. Other Disney Opportunities: Disney College Program --- Disney Cruise Line Disney Store (in your neighborhood!) Work on an organic farm! What I have discovered is that if you have the minimum skill necessary, you can advance at any job that you want, as long as you are driven and committed. Just do it!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Job Opportunities for Different Markets

As a computer geek, I spend my share of time on google and other search engines looking up random things. One of the many things that I often look up are job opportunities. I would like to share some of the interesting things I've found regarding volunteer, internships, and job opportunities. LET'S GO! Become a cultural ambassador to Spain and teach ESL. Intern for a politician (There are more internships than just these, this is an example. To find a different internship, either contact your local representatives or go to their website.) Join the Peace Corps. Join TeachForAmerica Go to college and join a sorority or fraternity, or an honor society. Try writing some letters to the editor and getting published. Write reviews for products you normally buy on amazon so you can possibly get free products. Make a youtube channel and create howto videos to boost your influence on the internet.

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